Capital City Leasing was organized 1978 by Charles Seideman and Gary Millhollon in Austin, Texas. In 1980 the firm was incorporated. Initially, the firm concentrated in commercial leasing but by 1981 Governmental or Municipal leasing was added to the functions performed by Capital City. The earliest Governmental projects were for the University of Texas and the Lake Travis Independent School District.

We have accomplished lease/purchase funding for Cities, Counties, Universities, Independent School Districts, Fire Districts, Tax Appraisal Districts, Waste Disposal Districts and various special districts. During the past several years we have concentrated our  funding into Texas entities.

We fund our lease/purchase agreements through community banks or in some cases through individual investors. We specialize in the smaller amount transactions, usually $10,000 and $250,000. We are prepared to work with larger amounts and do not restrict our transactions by a dollar amount